Darfour-"Sang Raisons"


Sauver Le Darfour France, 01 Novembre 2009

Les 5 courts métrages Darfour-"Sang Raisons" de SAUVER LE DARFOUR et Fara SENE a été choisi parmi les dix meilleurs films pour le prix du meilleur réalisateur.
Ce groupe de dix films est choisi par le public et l'équipe de festival Culture Unplugged (en Inde). Ces 10 films ont été envoyés à des cinéastes, producteurs, le Spécialiste des sciences humaines, des Activistes à travers le monde pour délibération.

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Blood Reasons/ Sang Raisons is a film proposing a selection of short films. Sometimes ironic, sometimes more realistic, they work all to inform the population as for the Darfour genocide which rages in Sudan for several years and talked the death of more than 300 000 persons to this day. But beyond the simple information, the objective of this realization also is to make become aware to the populations of their irresponsible and reprehensible attitude towards a part(party) of the humanity which is dying, fed by an indifference on behalf of the other countries of the world which makes more and more disturbing. Through these short films all more suggestive some than the others, the director Fara Sene thus raises the veil on what seems to be the most important crime against humanity of the history of the 21th century. In it, the young man stands out as a director engaged in his century and looked like hope in the French film landscape.

www.sauverledarfour.eu et www.sauverledarfour.org