Sauver Le Darfour dans le monde

You Can Do Something: RUN FOR DARFUR

Save Darfur Usa, 30 Août 2007

RUN FOR DARFUR is a team of runners, from across America, which is taking a stand against injustice. On October 28, they will run along the footsteps of Washington D.C. to defend innocent victims of genocide, rape, torture and starvation. The power of collective action unites them, as together they are raising awareness, raising money, and saving lives.

The idea of RUN FOR DARFUR first came to me back in January, as I completed my sixth mile on the Santa Monica strand. My goal was to raise money and garner greater awareness of the atrocities in Sudan. I would write to the Save Darfur Coalition in request of their support. Next, I would recruit a team of runners to participate in a marathon, and finally, I would raise money (from friends and family) in support of this team. The organization would be called Run for Darfur.

RUN FOR DARFUR is a team of 12 novice, intermediate and advanced runners who will participate in the Marine Corps Marathon October 28, 2007. I chose this Washington D.C. marathon, a.k.a. “The People’s Marathon”, because it’s home to the Nation’s capital and the Save Darfur headquarters. As part of each person’s induction to the team, they have been asked to make a minimum contribution of $50.00 to 100 percent of the donations made on this site go directly to the Save Darfur Coalition. In exchange for their donations, members have received a “Run for Darfur” t-shirt. I have asked them to wear this shirt throughout training and on event day. In America, t-shirts make for great FREE marketing!

Since the marathon is now closed for registration, I am currently signing people up for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K. The marathon and the 10K take place on October 28th. To sign up for the 10K, obtain a t-shirt, or to make a contribution to RUN FOR DARFUR, please feel free to email or visit our site

I am proof that one person can make a difference. I had no previous history of activism. It was a 60 Minutes piece on Darfur that inspired me. I cried the entire, hour-long program! After seeing that piece, and reading multiple pieces from the NY Times, I thought to myself, "I shed tears while looking at the helplessness of the victims.” As a human, it was impossible to turn a blind eye. They had nothing left. Their homes had been destroyed, many had been raped and tortured, their families torn apart, and my tears were not helping anyone. For me, action was the only resolution. My first response was to write a check, and when that did not seem enough, I vowed to get involved personally. Founding RUN FOR DARFUR has enabled me to increase awareness and raise money with the help of a team. Alone, my donation was $100.00. Together, with the help of my RUN FOR DARFUR teammates, my friends and family, we are able to give so much more to the victims. We are taking a stand against violence, and in doing so, we are raising money and staying in shape!