Sauver Le Darfour dans le monde

Rally sends message to Downing St and Sudan Embassy: End Darfur Genocide now!

Protect Darfur Campaign , 15 Mai 2005

At 12.30pm on Sunday 15 May, genocide survivors from Darfur, Rwanda, Bosnia and the Holocaust were joined by members of the public in a rally at Downing Street and the Sudanese Embassy, organised by the Protect Darfur campaign.

They were there to call on the Government to use its position at the UN to secure a mandate for peace enforcement Darfur, to be led by the African Union. A dossier was handed in to 10 Downing Street arguing for such a mandate. The AU has an observer mission on the ground, but lacks the authority and resources it needs to protect Darfur's African population from ongoing genocide.

300 - 400 people turned out for the rally, wearing black armbands and T-Shirts bearing the words 'Protect Darfur' and 'Tomorrow is too late.' Placards declared, 'Aid is not enough', 'It's the mandate, stupid!', 'He who does not learn the lessons of history (Rwanda) is doomed to repeat them (in Darfur)' and 'Will we be the last, Straw ?

As the delegation entered Downing Street, Darfur survivor Anwar Bakar - now threatened by the Home Office with return to Sudan, on the grounds that Khartoum should be safe (despite being home to the genocide's perpetrators) - issued a heartfelt call for the protection of his people, before chants demanding action from the Prime Minister were led by veteran campaigner Peter Tatchell.

The rally coincided with similar action in France.

300 à 400 personnes étaient rassemblées à Londres à l’initiative de Protect Darfur Campaign devant le 10 Downing Street puis devant l’ambassade du Soudan.

Des réfugiés du Darfour, des survivants des génocides du Rwanda, de Bosnie et de la Shoah étaient présents.

Un dossier a été remis au 10 Downing Street, demandant un mandat de l'ONU pour la protection des populations Africaines du Darfour, coordonnée par l’Union Africaine.