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Comprehensive Peace in Sudan Act of 2004 (S.2781)

Site De Save Darfur , 23 Décembre 2004

Introduced by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, the Comprehensive Peace in Sudan Act passed unanimously in the Senate and was subsequently passed by a voice vote in the House of Representatives. Among its provisions, this bill:

· authorizes the President to address the humanitarian and human rights crisis in the Darfur region and eastern Chad

· makes assistance for the Comprehensive Peace Agreement contingent upon the Government of Sudan:

o demobilizing the Janjaweed militias

o cooperating with aid workers

o permitting the return of displaced persons to their homes

o installing a new coalition government based upon the Nairobi
Declaration on the Final Phase of Peace in the Sudan

· directs the President to implement sanctions in support of the peace in Darfur