New fighting 'mars' Darfur peace


Sudan Tribune Vision, 25 Février 2010

Two days after president Bashir declared the war in Darfur as over, there are reports that heavy fighting broke out Wednesday night in Jebel Mara and the areas controlled by Sudan Liberation Army, the other Darfur rebel group which is vehemently opposed to the ceasefire agreement that was signed Tuesday.

The SLA insists on the disarmamanet of all Arab miliitias before talks

The fighting has so far displaced close to 100 000 residents in the town of Deribat, according to reports by Medicins du Monde, a French aid agency working in Darfur.

JEM leader Ibrahim al-Hillu told Reuters news agency,"The government attacked in huge numbers backed up by Antonovs, helicopter gunships and MiGs [Russian military aircraft]."

On Tuesday the Sudanese government and the Justice and Equality Movement, Darfur’s main rebel group, signed ceasefire agreement

The agreement is expected to be finalized next month after mechanisms for power sharing are worked out. Meanwhile the JEM leader Al-Hillu is calling for elections to be postponed.

"Our position is to ask for a delay in these elections because there are numerous citizens of Darfur and Kordofan who will not be able to take part because they are displaced," AFP news agency quotes him as saying.