Protect Darfur: Time is Up

Global Day For Darfur

Sauver Le Darfour Europe, 19 Avril 2007

None of us imagined, when the crisis began in Darfur four years
ago, that it would still be going on today. We didn't imagine that
the situation would be worse than ever, with reports coming in of a
new massacre in nearby Chad, and of African Union troops being

In ten days, thousands of activists around the world will carry
hourglasses to show that time has run out for the international
community to act on Darfur.

Recently, the Sudanese government said they would accept the deployment of 3,000 UN military police officers and certainlogistical support. This is the second stage of the much-delayed proposal that calls for 21,000 joint UN and African Union peacekeepers. But only a more robust force can put an end to the

We hope that President Bashir will keep his word but he has
continuously delayed efforts to resolve the crisis, and already
contradictory statements from Sudanese officials have surfaced. And
while the international community scrambles each time to renew
diplomatic talks, more civilians die or flee their villages.

International governments must stand firm on making Bashir stick to
his promise. With your help, April 29 will be a wake-up call to the

Be part of the action to protect Darfur.