Paris in support of Darfur Friday March 30th


Sld, Sauver Le Darfour Europe, 21 Mars 2007

5000 roller-skaters, cyclists, pedestrians in « blue berets/helmets »

Friday March 30th

The associations Sauver Le Darfour et Pari-Roller are organising a demonstration in support of the people of Darfur who are being massacred.

· Since the winter of 2003, 3000,000 men women and children have died there as a result of political and media indifference

· Today, more than 3 million people have been displaced from the region and 5000,000 people depend on unreliable international humanitarian aid.

· 10,000 people die there every month.

The outing of the association pari-roller on Friday March 30th will be dedicated to the people of Darfur.

· A blue wave of 500 roller-skaters in Blue Berets/Helmets (symbolised by blue hats provided by Agnes B) and wearing blue T-shirts, will follow a symbolic itinerary through the streets of Paris between 9 pm and midnight. The itinerary will be announced at a later date. Starting point : 9.30 pm at Montparnasse (Rue du Depart).

· Cyclists and pedestrians will join the roller-skaters at about 11 pm, place vendôme, to observe 1 minute’s silence, with everybody lying on the ground to express the solidarity of Parisian citizens with the people of Darfur.
We hope that massive participation, culminating in a strong symbolic image (5000 bodies lying on the Place de l’Opera) will achieve maximum visibility in the media to encourage the French government to take the initiative in resolving this terrible conflict.

The United Nations peace-keeping forces wear blue berets and helmets which allow them to be recognised. United Nations Resolution 1706 allows for the deployment of United Nations peace-keeping forces to protect the people of Darfur. Through a symbolic gesture, we will underline the urgent need for this deployment. We invite all Parisians and inhabitants of the Paris region to participate massively in this event and to wear blue head-gear …on the day of the demonstration.

Wear a blue hat, blue headbands, blue wristbands
Let’s make blue the central colour of this event

Julie Navarro, Organiser
06 33 36 53 38

Mahor Chiche, President Sauver Le Darfour
06 16 01 73 40

Merci à Nicholas Léonard pour la traduction.